Why do People Become Vegetarian?

We are surrounded by different types of people; that is what makes the world a colourful place. Despite all differences, when people decide to stand together, be friends, lovers, it truly is wonderful. Humans could be categorized in many ways and one of those could be by their eating habits. There are those who have eliminated meat from their diet due to various reasons; vegetarians and vegans. You could be one of them too. While vegetarians give up all meet yet consume dairy products, vegans on the other do not even consume dairy products. We are now about to look into the reasons as to why people decided to give up meat.

Religious beliefs

There are certain religions that advocate vegetarianism. If you practise such a religion, then you might already be a vegetarian. The following instances depict how their lifestyles vary according to the religions. The Hindus consider the cow to be a sacred animal and therefore most followers refrain from consuming any meat. The belief of the Buddhists is that it is wrong to kill any living being while the seventh day Adventists are also vegetarian but consume milk and eggs but not meat as they believe that the food they eat should be able to preserve their health.


Some people simply can’t afford meat and that is what has made them vegetarians. Although they long to have a bite of some kind of meat, if their financial status does not allow them to, then they have to turn to vegetables; no choice there. One of the main reasons for this is that in certain countries the meat prices tend to be very much higher than of the food that comes from plant origin. Therefore, helpless as they are, sometimes it is not by choice!


Sometimes, when your family and friends do not eat any meat, you might feel a little left out if you do. This results in you turning in to a vegetarian. Not only that, influence is not only made through family and friends but also by famous celebrities. If a celebrity that you look up to claims to be a vegetarian, you might decide to turn yourself into one as well. However, the choice is yours and no one is forcing you.

Health and ethics

Ethical beliefs do prevent you from consuming meat. Some believe that meat is a result of animals being tortured and therefore try to stay away from it as much as possible. This could be due to something they have seen on television, read or even experienced. Also, there some that believe that becoming a vegetarian improves health and keeps your digest system clean; this creates an impact on those who are highly concerned about their health.

Which category do you belong to?

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