The Life of a Social Networker

Technology experienced a rapid development in the recent past, and with its development, the concept of social networking came to light. Not so long ago, people began to communicate with each other and share their interests online on MySpace on their tastes of music. This is perhaps the birth of social networking. However, as Facebook was introduced, many turned to that; almost everyone has a Facebook account and is actively engaged in it in the present world. Among these users are a group of people that are known to be pros at using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. These individuals dedicate most of their time to spend on such social networking sites. Let’s take a peek in to some of the interesting facts about the lives of social networkers.

They rule cyber space

Have you ever noticed the power these social networkers hold over the cyber space? They basically rule it! In the old times, before the evolution of sites like MySpace or Facebook, normal websites used to be updated by one single user and the visitors had to read whatever that particular user had to offer. In contrary, these social networking sites are completely user based, enabling them to update and provide information to share with fellow internet users. This is why they rule the sites; if not for them, there will be no social networks, hence they are the greatest asset.


They are all hyper-interactive! These users don not just go on chat rooms to talk with each other or share information; it goes way beyond that. People of different interest are able to find their own hubs to connect with others. For instance, sites like Facebook offers you many games that you may be in love with; therefore, this enables these internet surfers to connect, challenge and play with each other like they never could before, no matter if they live oceans apart.

Part of a community

As social networks have been community driven and been built accordingly, most of these users are part of a certain community on the internet. With the ability to create groups or communities that represent a certain set of people, it is now easy to keep in contact with the ones that you do not meet anymore. These social network users are a part of at least one such community; for instance, a high school class group, a group of game enthusiasts and what not.

Emotions first

In the earlier days of internet, websites were only available to share information; purely just a stack of information that come in certain content. However, with the evolution of the internet, these aspects have changed. Now it is always emotion that is chosen over content. These regular users always actively engage in interacting using emotions in the best way they can. This is one of the main reasons for most websites and applications to introduce emojis that depict a various number of emotions that people usually struggle to express in written form.

Are you an active social networker? Did this article help you determine which category you fall into?

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