Can You Fit In with the Asian Culture?

If you have been raised in a western culture, fitting in with any other culture may not be very easy. Especially with Asians that believe in many different ways of living starting from the family to how they build a house; all of these to them matters on what their culture has brought in from the past, as they carry many traditions that were practised in the olden days. If you have any plans to live in an Asian country or to join one of their families, you may want to look into the following facts about them before going in unprepared.

Gender inequality

It is not that they mistreat women, but their family hierarchies are always male dominant. In the structure of their families, the males and the older individuals are the ones that occupy the higher statuses. Their belief is that males are highly important due to the fact that only a male can carry on the family name; therefore, the birth of a son is celebrated much highly than that of a daughter creating a rift between the treatment for the female and male parties.

Respect and loyalty

In their way of life, children hardly get to express their opinions. They would be forced to listen and respect to whatever is said by their parents or adults, even if it may seem unreasonable at certain occasions. Therefore, adults need to be of sufficient knowledge to always advice the children on what should and shouldn’t be done. The children are always taught to respect the adults while considering their families to be the central point in their lives and if you are an elder member of the family, your behaviour will reflect upon the overall reputation of it.


Children are control by showing them the consequences of shame and guilt. They are always accountable for their actions in front of all family members. Bringing upon shame to the family is highly unacceptable in their lifestyles as it will affect the way society looks at them. Family issues are always considered personal and therefore are never revealed to the public. Also, a higher achievement of a family member is given great attention as that member will be considered an asset of the family.


We are all human and display of emotions is evident in all beings no matter if they are American, Asian or European. However, Asians have a way of locking up their emotions, especially the father of the family as he needs to be the tough one that moulds the children into good citizens. On the contrary, the mothers are much connected and close to the children’s’ hearts and acts as the intermediary of the family between the father and children.

Such is the life of an Asian.

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